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Security on the Internet is very important at
Secure transmission - 256Bit encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
123surf.deuses the most modern and secure encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data transfer. This technology offers maximum security and is therefore also used by banks for data protection in online banking. As a user of the internet, you do not need to install any additional software. SSL is already integrated in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera).
Secure data transmission via SSL or TLS ensures that your data (such as address / bank / Paypal data / email address, etc.) can not be read or manipulated by others during transmission on the Internet.

In addition, the correct identity of a website is confirmed with SSL.

You can recognize the encrypted transmission of the data by the fact that the address line of the browser changes from "http: //" to "https: //" and to the closed representation of a key or lock symbol in your browser.
When SSL or TLS encryption is enabled, the data you submit to us can not usually be read by others. However, there is no guarantee and 100% protection on the net.
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